Golf Academy

Golf Academy


    Teach them young
With a view of promoting the sport and to nurture young talent, TNGF Golf Academy started to promote the game of Golf at the grass root level. Customised programs have been created to encourage juniors to explore and understand the finer aspects of the game and nurture them to become good golfers/professionals. The Academy provides them with training clubs, balls, a perfect ambience to practice and home their skills. Children between the age of 5 and 18 are eligible. Coaching classes are scheduled for 3 days a week and each session are for 2 hours. Many of them get to play a round of golf with an experienced coach. Launch monitors and other technology driven systems are being constantly used in the teaching means for the children.


All children of members between the age of 5 and 18 are eligible.


Our chief coach is an experienced Golfer and certified coach by the National Golf Academy of India (NGAI). He is assisted by a team of NGAI certified coaches.


The coaching will be conducted on all Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays except holidays.