Course Infrastructure

Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

Recycled water is an increasingly attractive alternative to the often high-priced, limited supply of potable water available for irrigating golf courses. Golf courses, with their large expanses of turf are particularly well-suited to incorporate recycled water in their irrigation programs. Many golf courses around the world have closed due to the lack of availability of water.

Anticipating the need to have good quality water all through the year and to overcome the acute shortage of water problem faced by the Course a STP Plant was installed and commissioned in March 2007. The raw sewage is pumped from a Pumping Station close to the TNGF course.

The Sewage Treatment Plant with Modified Activated Sludge Process to handle 85m3/hr with capacity of 10 Lac Litres per day. The Plant consists of Bar Screen Chamber, Collection Tank, Bio Aeration Tank, Secondary Tune Settler, Filter Feed Tank, Dual Media Filter, Micron Filter, Treated Sewage Tank and Sludge Drying Beds. The Plant is being inspected and certified by the Pollution Control Board and the sample of treated water is periodically tested.

Continuous improvements and regular maintenance of the STP has ensured that the fairways are lush green even during the peak of summer. Above all this has enhanced the beauty of the course

Automatic Irrigation System

A state of the art TORO Automatic Golf Grade Pop Up Sprinkler irrigation system was installed in 2015.

The Treated irrigation water is being pumped through a Variable Speed driven pumping station that controls the speed of the pumps by maintaining constant operating pressure and yet varying water demand.

These sprinklers with unique multi-port nozzles and interchangeable capabilities ensures uniform distribution of water. Apart from being energy efficient this also saves water.